You have taken the first step to get UNSTUCK!

And let me tell you - 

You will never be the same!

Being tired and feeling frustrated like f**k. 

Wondering what is missing. 

Asking yourself how come that you cannot just figure this out. 

There are so many things in your personal and professional life that you are successful at. 

So many. 

But then there's this one area. You can just not figure out what's missing

Or make it work. 

You've tried it all. 

N.O.T.H.I.N.G. !!!

Fact is, you've spent tons of time and money. 

You've done mindset work. 

Followed all sorts of coaches and gurus.

Maybe even looked at therapy.

And none of this works.

By now, the belief in yourself is zero.

I mean come on. 

If anything would work, it would have worked by now, right??

S.T.O.P R.I.G.H.T H.E.R.E !!!

I've been exactly where you are right now. 

Nothing has gone wrong! 

Nothing is wrong with you, I promise! 

Sometimes, we have old hardcore beliefs they may or may not be aware of.

Sometimes, those beliefs can be changed through mindset work.

Replaced. Worked on.

But if those beliefs are so deeply inside you, none of that shit works.

It’s like treating a nasty virus with all the antibiotics.

Or trying to run up a hill with a 100 kg backpack.

Or driving a car with the handbrake on.

Well, you get the picture.

I will help you to break through this invisible wall. 

Once and for all. 

I am an RTT Therapist for Coaches and Entrepreneurs.

I help you to unlock you, so you can unlock any area in your personal and professional life.

We go into your subconscious.

And pull out all the roots of any BS that is showing up for you.
And we fix it in your subconscious. 

Don’t give up just yet.

Try this. I promise you, you will not be the same after this.

This is different.

You will be different.

Your life will be different.

Are you wondering ...

... why is a coach using hypnosis?

When I was coaching people on business, life and their career, I found that for most people there's a missing piece. 

People change, people take up new suggestions and change their thinking, yet so many find it hard to change right from the core and keep this new thinking up long-term.  

Personally, RTT has helped me to change my life in a few areas. I have finally gotten my business of the ground after more than 1.5 years, I have reduced my stress and anxiety a lot around various areas in my life. 

I suddenly gained access to some really strong and stubborn beliefs that did not even consciously show up. 

With the help of RTT, I was able to get to the bottom of them, reframe them and build beliefs that supported what I was trying to do. 

I found RTT so powerful because it has changed the way I show up and the way I help people. 

I want the same for you. 

You deserve to be be heard and seen. RTT can help. I can help. 

... if hypnosis is really for you?

Hypnosis is nothing that is either for you or not. It's a tool that I used to unlock your mind and get to the root cause of your problem. 

Hypnosis can work for anyone who is willing to make it work. Being hypnotised means that we alter your state of consciousness in way that our conscious (thinking) mind is switched off and our subconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert. 

... if you will be able to be hypnotised?

Anyone can be hypnotised. You do not need any special skills or be a certain person. Hypnosis just means that you will feel very relaxed and your nervous system will be at ease.

... if this works for you?

Of course it does. You do not need any special skills or live a certain way of life to benefit from hypnotherapy. All you need is an open mind, 2 undisturbed hours and a comfy space.

... what is actually happening in this session? 

In your RTT session, we will get down to the root cause of what is holding you back and fix your issue once and for all. 

... how long the session will be? 

An RTT session takes between 1.5 - 2 hours.

... why you need to listen to a recording for 21 days?

The mind learns by repetition. The same way you have learnt unhelpful patterns over time, you will re-learn patterns that serve you and your life goals.

Have you got any questions?

Ready to make that change?

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